A fresh approach to flowers and plants.

Floristrie, your boutique flower shop, located shop 2, 99 Racecourse Road in Ascot.

We can’t wait to reopen for 2022 and with what we have in mind for a few changes for this year , 2022 is going to be delivering a bigger instore experience in which we’re excited about ..
2021 ended with us losing our original Floristrie Instagram page due to a hacking .
In response, we’ve had to start a new page on Instagram floristrie2022.
We have started the rebuild but with no form of social media except the new page itself we’ve no means of communicating what’s occurred to our original followers.
We’re hoping once we reopen we’ll spread the word and hope you can too..
Love it or hate it ,we trade in a world where small businesses need social media ….
It really saddens you when you loose something you’ve taken pride in for 3 years only to have it taken away by a hacker with no human interest in the work they commit …..
So 2022 is our year rebuilding a new page too.
Thank you for the lovely Christmas season …
Looking forward to reopening on Monday ..
And Third Thursday club will be on for our first week of returning ..
Jamie and Craig

We design our flower creations individually.

If you expirience technical issues placing your order on-line,

please call 0731896575 to place your order with us directly.